Value-Added Activities

We’ll always include “extras” or access to “extras” to enhance your Holy Land experience and make it so personal. Usually covered by us, on occasion there might be a slight fee or at least a donation, and you’ll know this ahead of time. By planning ahead, let’s include some of the following activities or you can ask if we can arrange something not listed.

  1. While visiting Cana, let’s renew our wedding vows or even have a small wedding
  2. Take Peter’s boat across the Sea of Galilee
  3. Get baptized in the Jordan River
  4. In the old City of Jerusalem, follow the 14 stations of the cross
  5. Have communion at the Garden Tomb
  6. Setup bible study groups and worship at the Garden Tomb
  7. Interaction with locals
  8. Also, upon the request of the group leader, we can visit sites wherever they want that is permissible
  9. Visit a Kibbutz
  10. Minister to the needy
  11. Visit “The Joseph Project“/ “The Joseph Experience” Give back to Israel by participating in this most unique experience for humanitarian aid relief work that also proclaims the Good News