Managing Your Tour

We focus on one kind of trip: Sending your group to the Holy Land, only.
Yes we are a travel agency (registered with the California State Attorney General); but, we don’t manage trips all over the globe; rather, we manage your trip, and is where we put our energy.

Organizing a trip for any group can be a bit overwhelming, and we’re glad to help reduce your stress to make this trip of a lifetime very feasible. We will work closely with you or your designated person in charge of organizing your trip. As a Pastor, you’ll have full access to our online portal: a website personalized for your church with your logo and a welcoming letter from you. This allows your members to log in to update their payment information and print their itinerary. From here, you can see who has paid their deposit and who may need that gentle reminder. If you prefer, you may have your church members make their payment directly to your church, then collectively remit a single payment to us (deposit; then final payment).

Group Trips are based on 2 parts: 1. land travel and accommodations; 2. airline tickets. In many instances church members prefer to use their airline miles or points for their airline tickets; or your church simply prefers to make your own airline arrangements, that’s not an issue with us. We’ll have the entire land portion covered and be sure it coincides with your entire passenger list.