Mission Trips

Back to Jerusalem is our registered non-profit ministry through which we minister to others. Our ministry extends outside of Israel to as far North as Syria and Turkey; as far East as Jordan and Iraq; and, here in Israel and the West Bank.

There are many, many opportunities to bless others through the loving generosity of your time. There are literally thousands of refugees and very poor villages who need to be clothed, fed and ministered to. Even as simple as holding a child’s hand and praying means the world to these people. Church structures need maintenance from painting walls, to basic handy-man type jobs to more robust construction projects. These people need to hear the word of God and need to know that their brothers and sisters in Christ are there for them.

Mission Trips can also be combined with Holy Land touring, so not only are you doing His work but also getting an intimate experience.

In deciding your criteria for arranging a mission trip, a few thoughts are:

  • Who will be the leader / coordinator of the group?
  • What is God calling you to do / serve?
  • Or is God calling you to serve the needs of Back to Jerusalem’s ministry?
  • Is there a good chemistry among the participants?
  • Are believers from other churches welcome?
  • Father-Son or Mother-Daughter relationship building exercise?
  • Youth oriented?
  • What will be ratio of touring to missionary work?
    Are we tackling just enough work to allow us to tour for the morale of each other?
  • Does your church want to show support for missionaries you are already familiar with in the region?
  • Does your church want to start “somewhere” in mission support or is the church’s direction changing to this?

Where ever your church is in this process, our purpose is to assist in planning all the way.