Conferences-Study Tours

What an incredible location for a Conference – The Holy Land!

We’ll arrange all accommodations, tours, conference rooms and / or sites, headsets, translators, projection equipment, everything – all logistics to make it successful. All you do is bring your prepared materials to teach. At your direction, we’ll combine conference room time with Holy Land sites to further enhance your teaching. As appropriate to your subject, and at your request we can involve the local ministry to pay your group a visit. These would be pastors, rabbis, other clergy or local experts.

Need a start?

  • Geography of the Bible
  • Prophecy
  • Evangelism
  • Church Planting

Study Tours

If your teaching needs are a more specific study-type tour, we can suggest the course subject matter or you can use yours. These types of trips are ideal for seminary students or other students of the Word. We’ll arrange all the logistics – the accommodations, tours, meals, spaces and involve the local ministry¬†as guest speakers.

Our Local Connections and Relationships

Pastor Rajai leads the Upper Nazareth Baptist Church and is the Chairman of the Synod of Evangelical Churches in Israel. So as the head of all the Evangelical Churches, we are connected with all the churches and ministries in Israel and the West Bank (and outside) Рquite an extensive network. Back to Jerusalem is our registered non-profit and how we minister to others. There are opportunities for you and your church to serve as well.