Our Gallery Images 05.03.2015


Have you seen our Gallery of photographs? They can take you away while you’re in your seat! These are places you can look forward to visiting and experiencing while in Israel. These are photos that either we’ve taken or used with permission from the Israeli ministry of Tourism. Each time we go back, we photograph

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Are All the Restaurants in Israel Kosher? 04.19.2015

Beautiful brunch table set in Galilee

Not all of the restaurants in Israel are kosher. Places offering kosher food usually display a kashrut certificate granted to them by the local rabbinate. Most hotels serve kosher food, as well as some restaurants. But there is no binding law. So if kashrut is important to you, you must check it out at each

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Our Tours As Fundraisers 04.02.2015

Just inside the Jaffa Gate

Did you know we can setup our group tours to double as fundraisers? With a minimum number in your group, we can arrange a portion of the cost to be applied to your church’s building fund, mission fund or weekly offering basket. 002000

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Some Thoughts on Enhancing Your Trip 03.25.2015

Tiberias  is a city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. The picture shows a Pilgrim' s boat on the lake. Photo by Itamar Grinberg.

While our trip schedules are full of excitement and wonderful experiences, we can also add these nice touches to enhance your visit. Here are just a few: While visiting Cana, let’s renew our wedding vows or even have a small wedding Take Peter’s boat across the Sea of Galilee Get baptized in the Jordan River

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What We Offer 03.12.2015

One area of the garden Tomb gardens

We offer Christian Pilgrim tourism. We also offer missions trips and conferences. The Holy Land is the most appropriate place to have these gatherings and our job is to assist your Pastor in organizing these events. We help make these trips of a life-time affordable, feasible and very realistic. 003000

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