All the legal you need to know. Bear in mind this information is subject to change without notice. Thank you.

Disclosures concerning the sale of your itinerary:

1. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California

2. CST #2121654-40 – Cancelled as of May 1st, 2016.

3. Living Stones Tour Service
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

4. The total amount to be paid by or on behalf of the passenger will be presented:
• The amount paid to date;
• The date of any future payment;
• The purpose of the payment made;
• An itemized statement of the balance due, if any;
• The itinerary stating the name of the provider of the air or sea transportation or travel services, the date, time and place of each departure, or the circumstances under which the date, time and place of departure will be determined.

5. Any cancellation penalties not so disclosed in writing are unenforceable.

6. We are participating in the TCRF:
Upon cancellation of the transportation or travel services, where the passenger is not at fault and has not canceled in violation of any terms and conditions previously clearly and conspicuously disclosed and agreed to by the passenger, all sums paid to the seller of travel for services not provided will be promptly paid to the passenger, unless the passenger advises the seller of travel in writing, after cancellation. This provision does not apply where the seller of travel has remitted the payment to another registered wholesale seller of travel or a carrier, without obtaining a refund, and where the wholesaler or provider defaults in providing the agreed-upon transportation or service. In this situation, the seller of travel must provide the passenger with a written statement accompanied by bank records establishing the disbursement of the payment, and if disbursed to a wholesale seller of travel, proof of current registration of that wholesaler.

7. This transaction is covered by the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund (TCRF) if the seller of travel was registered and participating in the TCRF at the time of sale and the passenger is located in California at the time of payment. Eligible passengers may file a claim with TCRF if the passenger is owed a refund of more than $50 for transportation or travel services which the seller of travel failed to forward to a proper provider or such money was not refunded to you when required. The maximum amount which may be paid by the TCRF to any one passenger is the total amount paid on behalf of the passenger to the seller of travel, not to exceed $15,000. A claim must be submitted to the TCRF within 12 months after the scheduled completion date of the travel. A claim must include sufficient documentation to prove your claim and a $35 processing fee. Claimants must agree to waive their right to other civil remedies against a registered participating seller of travel for matters arising out of a sale for which you file a TCRF
claim. You may request a claim form by writing to: Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation; P.O. Box 6001; Larkspur, CA 94977-6001; or by visiting TCRC’s website at:

8. For sales outside of California This transaction is not covered by the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund.

9. California law requires certain sellers of travel to have a trust account or bond. This business has a trust account.


General Company Terms

A deposit of $500 by check is required to hold your reservation, 60 days prior to planned departure. Once received and confirmed your reservation is held pending final payment. For a cruise deposit, this varies according to the cruise company’s policy.

Final payment by check for all tours is due 45 days prior to departure. Your group leader will determine if your deposits and payments are made to your group / church or directly to Living Stones Tour Service. Payments not received on time will result in reservation cancellation without refund. *Final payment for cruises is due 80 days prior to departure.

We are registered with the California State Attorney General’s office – Cancelled as of May 1st, 2016. Your transaction is covered by the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund – Cancelled as of May 1st, 2016. This assures you that we abide by excellence in our conduct.

Cancellation in writing must be received by Living Stones Tour Service Tours 61 days prior to departure for a refund of your deposit minus possible service fees. Airline penalties are set by the airlines and are not included below.
61 Days before: full deposit
50-60 Days before: 40% of tour cost
40-49 Days before: 65% of tour cost
8-39 Days before: 85% of tour cost
7 Days or less: 100% of tour cost
*Cruise cancellation policies vary. Please see individual itineraries for details.

Our tour quotes are complete costs from presenting the tour services to you to planning and arranging transportation and lodging to keeping good communication with you. In most instances, prices quoted for tours are the final costs. Rarely would there be a justification for an additional unforeseen expense, such as a surge in the cost of jet fuel. Living Stones Tour Service does our best to assure costs and absorb minimal price hikes. In the case of price surges, some costs may be passed onto you, the traveler, with your permission and justification. We do reserve the right to alter an itinerary and prices, and substitute touring site and hotels of equal or better quality as necessary.

All land transportation, tour guide and driver, tours, lodging, entrance fees, most tips and gratuities, lodging, meals specified in itinerary, taxes.

Cost of obtaining passports / visas, lunches (except as specified), beverages or sightseeing not included in the itinerary, travel insurance, laundry, communication charges, excess baggage fees, personal items.
Cruises: any port charges and gratuities.

Be sure you provide proper identification. A valid passport is required to travel. Most countries require it to enter and the United States requires it for return. It’s expiration date must be at least 6 months after your return date. We will record your passport number when making your reservation. Names provided must match your passport exactly. Original passport only, please. If minors are traveling with one of their parents, they must have a certified letter stating permission from the parent who isn’t traveling. Citizens not from the United States, please contact that country’s consulate for proper information. We can not be responsible for this information.

If you group chooses to have us arrange airfare, we will do our best to get you the best price when arranging your travel. Normally this might require an airfare with high restrictions, such as no refunds or changes. If you chose to cancel your airfare, you will be subject to and responsible for penalty fees set by the airlines. Airlines involved in tours are not responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board their planes or conveyances. We’re also not responsible for any unforeseen airline issues such as cancellations, delays or scheduling changes for whatever reason. Airlines may change schedules at their discretion.

Airlines include any taxes, fees, etc. automatically and is included the cost of your airline ticket. If these fees increase due to government or airline rules, these will be your responsibility – this is out of our hands Excess baggage fees will also be your responsibility.

Please keep in mind that these types of group trips require a lot of walking and adhering to your tour leader’s schedule. Walking will be at a moderate pace. If you feel that you may not be able to keep up with the group, perhaps you may need to consult your doctor to be sure your health will allow this. Due to the nature of group touring, it would be difficult to make accommodations as necessary. You may choose to take our tour and perhaps skip one day of touring, staying at your hotel. Be advised this does not reduce your costs in any way. You must be clear with your tour guide about your desire to rest. If accommodations of some sort must be made by us, the cost will be passed onto you. The Tour Guide or group leader may recommend that you stay behind as necessary if she/he determines that you may slow the group down tremendously; any member of the group who is disruptive, rude or behaving aggressively; or, any members preventing Living Stones Tour Service from performing our functions and duties.

Your tour is operated in the United States by Living Stones Tour Service, 156 Valley View Terrace, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 and in Israel as Living Stones Tour Service, Tavor 57/2 Nazareth Illit. We act as an agent for your groups in arranging these trip services found on our websites and social media, transportation, tours, and lodging accommodations through independent contracts. Suppliers such as airlines, accommodations, and including but not limited to restaurants, tour guides, lodging, cruises, busses, trains, vans, hotels, provide services as independent contractors and are not employees, agents, stockholders or servants of Living Stones Tour Service or any affiliates. Travel documents issued by a company are subject to their Terms & Conditions, which are available upon request, and according to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied. Living Stones does reserve the right to make changes in your itinerary. We are not responsible for any expenses, loss of time, money or other incidents resulting from a change of tour scheduling, including any rescheduling due to any political unrest. Living Stones is also not responsible for any losses or damages of personal property, injuries, thefts or unforeseen expenses caused by a member of your group.

Living Stones strongly advises that you consider purchasing some sort of travel insurance plan for unforeseen expenses. Don’t always assume your credit card or medical provider covers you outside of the US.

Before you depart, you’ll have our US contact telephones and Israeli contacts. If any issue or concern arises, whatsoever, SEE YOUR TOUR GUIDE OR GROUP LEADER IMMEDIATELY FIRST. This will give you the fastest resolution of any issues. Living Stones Tour Service cares about your visit before, during and after your trip. Your family here in the States will have our US contact number and email for any immediate concerns for their comfort. Our business ethics are far more important to us than making a profit.

Assume any copyrights or trademarks are owned by Living Stones Tour Service unless otherwise noted, such as some images used with permission from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Information contained within this website may not be used for any purpose without our written permission or the permission of the owner.

You may use our website for understanding our services and contacting us. Any other purposes require written documentation please.

We respect your privacy and only use data collected for our internal use or trusted partner, unless this violates any laws.

Unless specified by you as private or confidential, any submissions or feedback may not be treated as such. We may use comments, images or ideas and disclose only your first name, last initial and where appropriate your location for advertising purposes.