Our Services

It is our divine calling to serve. It is also our divine calling to share with you the Holy Land where Christ lived, served and birthed Christianity. Before and after Christ, the places and events that occurred that are written in the Bible, are also a must-see for Christian Pilgrims. Come and see what our Lord is doing in the land where the gospel began. Our trips combine tourism and spirituality. These are not generic trips of seeing the dead stones where something happened many years ago and moving on to the next. Our tour guides are ‘living stones’, people of God in the land of God, giving life to the sites and locations, educating our Guests about the key Holy sites and their significance.

These are the types of trips we arrange for you:

When planning our trip dates, we do not dictate a certain date that you have to abide by. We understand that some of us have obligations that may not be able to be postponed. We’ll choose a date together and work backwards around your schedule. We can put together group trips in as little as 2 months.

Our trips are focused on you and your congregations’ spiritual journey and your walk with God. Here’s a key difference – the group trip is composed of ONLY your group, not others so your travel stays intimate and spiritually focused. Although we are quite educated about the Holy sites, we let your Pastor lead your group into a better understanding of the Bible, to maintain your church’s doctrine.

We all have a fundamental need in our heart to either see the Holy Land for the first time or renew such an incredible experience – just like the first time. If this is your only trip of a lifetime, we’ll plan this together so you know what to expect. Don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand through the process and help you manage it.

Note to Pastors and Church Members:
Some Pilgrims may have to wait until the Lord speaks to them, and when he does we’ll be sure to make this trip affordable. We arrange these in such a way that everything is inclusive – never are there extra fees or other reservations to make. We like to think of our trips as full of value – from the activities included, to the conversations you’ll have that you could never pay for, to even considering your weekly tithe, to your church. Since you’ll be missing a Sunday or 2 and the impact on the offering basket, we’ll donate back from your costs what might be considered your weekly tithe. You may decide to direct it to the offering basket in your name or let your Pastor decide if it should go elsewhere in the church. The trips are actually a fund-raiser – either way, we’re keeping our Lord in mind and supporting his house.

God Bless,
Lina and Michael