What is a living stone or what does it mean to be a living stone?  LivingStones is a Christian Evangelical ministry that connects the body of Christ with the living stones in Israel – those who still keep the faith after 1,000s of years. Very few minorities still practice their Christian life and faith, so the tourist or visitor will not only visit the sites, but, also the “living stones”. They’ll be able to interact with them, be a source of encouragement, and have the opportunity to minister to them and with them.

Now that we know what are LivingStones, what are dead stones? Dead stones are the archeological sites that are found in the Holy Land, where Biblical events happened. These are ruins today that mark a testimony of the event that happened. These are only dead stones and can not testify what happened. No one can bring life to them except the livingstones.  We are not only visiting the history, we are visiting the local people, we are interacting, we are hearing more of the livingstones’ current stories to date.