About Us

Living Stones Tour Service is a family-owned, ministry-based Evangelical Christian tour service. Living Stones Tour Service was founded in 2011 by Pastor Rajai Samawi in Israel, who is the pastor of the Upper Nazareth Baptist Church and the Chairman of the Synod of Evangelical Churches in all of Israel (Sept 2014 – Jan 2018). It’s original purpose was to help fund ministry work, through our registered non-profit called Back to Jerusalem. Our bios are here.

We provide complete touring services from airfare to hotel bookings, transportation and tour guides for the Holy Land-Israel and Holy Land-Jordan tour packages. Aside from the Holy Land tours, we organize small and large conferences, study tours, mission trips, and host mission teams to work among both Arabs and Jews.

Our tour guides, who are also Living Stones, are Messianic Jewish or Arab Christians. They come from Bible based churches or congregations, and are inherently part of this small, tiny community of living stones in the Holy Land. They are not only working as tour guides, but they bring life to the dead stones by sharing, by being themselves a living stone, and talking from their experience. These living stones share their own knowledge but also their experience as living, light and salt in the land of dead stones. In addition, we organize meetings for the groups with local believers and ministers, Arabs and Jews, to hear their stories and the work they are doing for the Kingdom in Israel. We’re exposing groups to the real living stones in Israel today.

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