Back To Jerusalem Ministry

Back To Jerusalem (BTJ) is our local ministry, that is a registered Israeli, non-profit organization. It is lead by the Back To Jerusalem Organization, that works under the auspice of the Convention of Evangelical Churches in Israel, and, in partnership with Life Agape ministry (CCC). It’s directed by a distinguished board of local and international pastors and leaders from the local evangelical churches, Back To Jerusalem organization and Life Agape.

The BTJ Vision:

The vision of Back To Jerusalem was born several¬†years ago, with the attempt to empower the local church to evangelize, disciple and plant churches. It’s to encourage the global body of Christ to come and to help bring the gospel back to where it started from, among the Arabs, Jews and all the inhabitants of the Land. Living Stones Tour Service helps fund Back to Jerusalem and other ministries.

This is vision the Lord put on the hearts of Rajai and Samar: to see the Gospel come back and be replanted where it was sent out originally.

Because of the urgency of the hour, the church in the Holy Land needs to be empowered to bring the Gospel to Jerusalem and the Holy Land. It must be have the same impact and power from the original message from Jerusalem over 2000 years ago.

The Back To Jerusalem movement, which began in 2008, was, and still is, the only evangelistic effort that unites all Churches in Israel and the West Bank. Between 80-90% of all, take part in it. The movement is growing and gaining momentum, reputation, fruit and credibility. Back To Jerusalem branched out from Campus Crusade for Christ in 2010 and became a stand-alone ministry. It is registered in Israel as a non-profit organization.

What do we do?


  • We train and equip pastors and leaders in the areas of Evangelism, Muslim Evangelism, leadership development, discipleship, church planting and prayer.


  • Conduct mass evangelistic campaigns
  • Door to door visit
  • Medical outreaches
  • Sports and Music outreaches
  • Distribution of the Bible, Jesus film and other materials
  • Community service
  • Food and clothes distribution
  • Helping the Homeless and refugees
  • Kids outreaches
  • Caring for the poor and widow
  • Film Showings

Church Planting:

As a result of following up on the evangelistic contacts, we’ve recognized many new converts are coming to churches. We also saw healthy growth in some churches and other newly planted ones. We want to see more churches planted all over the Holy Land.

Today, Back To Jerusalem is the lead ministry of Evangelism and Church planting in Israel. A team of key pastors and key lay people direct it. The sphere of influence of the BTJ ministry goes beyond Jerusalem, Nazareth, Haifa, Akko, upper Galilee and more. Churches are growing. The team is now preparing the Church leaders for a Church planting movement that will last and cause blessings in the Land our Lord came to.

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